Monday, November 27, 2006

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; November 2006

Our niece Madelyn was going to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. My whole family went up to New York to be with her on her big day, and to have Thanksgiving at Shaun and Kristins new house in Connecticut.

Elaine and I arrived a few days early. One of our first stops is Mystic, Connecticut.
Sherwood Island memorial to 9/11 and the Connecticut residents who died that day.
The plumes of smoke could be seen from this spot.

Shaun and Kristin's house in Oxford, we parked the T@B in the driveway.

Baking cookies

We took the train to Grand Central Station on Wednesday morning.

A memorial to the police and fireman who gave there lives on 9/11

Overlooking Ground Zero

Huddled Masses or Wretched Refuse?

The balloons are ready to go

Bailey and Elaine

Darla, Maddy,and Elaine

Times Square

Our spot to watch the parade was in front of the Newsweek Building.

Rockefeller Center

The famous ice skating rink

"30 Rock"

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Kristin's beautiful table

Shaun and his band played at Martini's

A sunday drive across Manhatten. Heading home.

A sweet stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania

The street lights are Hershey Kisses

An Ohio sunrise.