Wednesday, December 21, 2011

September 3, 2011 St. Louis, Missouri to Hinton, Oklahoma

It was the first day of our epic journey across the country. We got off to a good start and headed straight down highway 44.

Elaine and I decided to take a quick detour through Joplin. The devastation was incredible.
After a long day of driving we stopped at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Hinton, OK. The campground was nice, with large grassy sites set in the bottom of a red sandstone canyon. The road into the canyon is narrow and winding, a tight squeeze for larger campers but doable.
While we were looking for a campsite, we saw some classic campers. When they noticed the T@B, they invited us to join them. We had a good night talking about old campers and telling camping stories around the fire. After the trailer was plugged in, we noticed the battery wasn't charging. I was unable to diagnose the problem so we avoided using the 12 volt lights to save power for the fridge. It would be a problem that plagued us the remainder of the trip.
After an all night rain, time to head out.

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  1. dane, my battery is disconnected because jay and ?? determined that if i was plugged in to 30 plug, everything would work. so far, that's been true! hoping that would work for you. the only problem i would have is the frig not staying cold so i just pack it with blue ice containers which hold the cold and the things in there. take care, judi ryan