Wednesday, December 28, 2011

September 7; Grand Canyon National Park

We enjoyed the sunrise from Mather Point along with a herd of elk.

A would-be Ansel Adams captures some images.

That squiggly line going down the canyon is the Bright Angel Trail. We are going to hike it today.

After loading up on Gatorade, water, trail mix and energy bars we set out. 

Walking down hill for three miles is very tiring on rocky trails,

We had to avoid mule trains, stay on the inside of the trail.

The canyon seems even bigger down here.

The Three Mile House shelter.

Time to head back up. The park service says going down is voluntary, coming back up is mandatory. You don't get rescued unless your dying.

Four hours down and two climbing out. It was easier climbing up.

After the long hot hike I was looking forward to a nap in our air conditioned camper. The battery was dead and the thermostat for the a/c runs on 12 volt. So it was a hot nap.

We put the battery in the truck box and hooked it up to a charger. We drove 25 miles to Desert View Watchtower.

We had another beautiful sunset over the Grand Canyon.

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